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March 2012
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How to train a dragon
Newsletter/website create stir
Walk & talk with Hoot and Toot
Rhino poaching: are we losing?
Treats and innovations
Zoo welcomes Baboo
Cheetah tales
Good news for birders
Puff Adder gives birth
Getting close to an elephant
NZG vet teaches vets in Brazil
ZooDox - reliable data
What's up at the ZooClub?
Animal of the month:
Giant Anteater
Conservation Grapevine
Interesting links

How to train a dragon

Reptile Conservator Michael Adams worked at London Zoo in England for four days to learn how to train the NZG's two Komodo Dragons. These newly trained giant lizards recently featured on ETV News. » More

Walk and talk with Hoot and Toot

Hoot and Toot are two Spotted Eagle Owls that have been hand reared and trained to interact with the public. Be sure not to miss the Hoot and Toot Show, daily between 10am-12pm at the Farmyard Lapa. » More

Are we losing the war against rhino poaching?

Rhino poaching is a war and at the moment we are losing it. Only two months ago the IUCN announced the complete extinction of the Western Black Rhino and if these levels of poaching continue to escalate, then soon other subspecies of Black and White Rhinoceros will disappear too." » More

National Zoo welcomes boisterous Baboo

Baboo the Lar gibbon baby is now about three months old. She has created much excitement at the National Zoo and is proving to be quite popular with the zoo's visitors.
» More

Cheetah tales

The good news is that one of the Mokopane Biodiversity Centre's female cheetah sent to Cango Wildlife Ranch on a breeding programme, may be pregnant. » More

Good news for all the birders out there

The NZG's Lichtenburg Biodiversity Conservation Centre in North West Province is a haven for local and migrant bird life. Highlights include African and Painted Snipe, Goliath Heron and large flocks of raptors such as Amur Falcon, Greater Kestrel, Rock Kestrel and Lanner Falcon. » More

Once in a lifetime experience - witnessing a Puff Adder giving birth

Visitors were treated to a rare spectacle at the National Zoo when the female Puff Adder gave birth to 20 youngsters while enthralled visitors and staff watched. » More

NZG veterinarian teaches wildlife vets in Brazil

Dr Adrian Tordiffe's lectures focused on the capture, immobilisation and anaesthesia of carnivores and primates, as Brazil is home to a number of these species. He got to demonstrate the anaesthesia on two rather unique South American species — a Brazilian tapir and a kinkajou. » More

"ZooDox" - reliable data at the click of a button

From records kept in dusty files and diaries to a multi-functional, trustworthy electronic medical database. The NZG's Chief Veterinarian, Dr Ian Espie, describes how ZooDox was developed at the NZG's Veterinary Hospital for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases in the animal collection. » More

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Special treats and innovations
The NZG now has a section on its website that focuses on the work being done in environmental enrichment. Please take a look and let us have your feedback. »

Close to an elephant
Carol Thobela-Mabaso attends elephant training in Hamburg. »

What's up at the ZooClub?
The Zookies have planned an exciting line up for 2012. »

Animal of the month:
Giant Anteater

Book your place on one of the National Zoo's exciting night tours to take a closer look at the Giant Anteaters. »

Newsletter and website create stir
The revamped Zoo e-News and website of the National Zoo were well received by our readers and National Zoo staff alike. »

Interesting links
Watch a lone elephant surf the beach breaks in Nuarro bay, a spunky aardvark cub take its first steps, and rare footage of wild Mountain Gorillas. »

Conservation Grapevine

Read about a
30 000 year old flower that was revived by Russian scientists, and a new species of brightly coloured snake that was found in a remote area of Tanzania in East Africa. »

Go green tip of the month

Make pleasant smelling eco-friendly mosquito repellent: Mix 2 cups of witch hazel with
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerine, 20 drops citronella essential oil, 20 drops lemongrass essential oil and pour into a clean spray bottle. To keep those mosquitoes at bay, shake the bottle before use and spray your home freely without harming the environment or your health. (Source: Tipnut)

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