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June 2012
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Hornbills get taste of the wild
International Year of the Rhino
DIY: Build a bat box
Holiday courses
Biodiversity Youth Symposium
Community produce animal food
Debunking myths around owls
Air Force knee deep in mud!
NZG display draws crowds
Solving wildebeest dilemma
Tick-borne disease mystery
Inspiring aspirant vets
ZooClub in scientific mode
Science going places
Talkin' about takins
Conservation Grapevine

Two young Southern ground hornbills get a taste of the wild

Two 18-month-old Southern ground hornbills were released into the wild at Mabula Game Reserve in Limpopo as part of a collaborative effort by the zoo on behalf of the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria. These birds currently face a high risk of extinction in the wild. » More

2012 marks the start of the International Year of the Rhino

The International Year of the Rhino has been welcomed in South Africa, where poaching continues unabated. The rhino poaching crisis has demonstrated that there is no single solution to addressing the illegal wildlife trade, which is an increasing global phenomenon. » More

Register NOW for the Biodiversity Youth Symposium

Learners are invited to submit abstracts for the symposium. The best abstracts will be selected for oral presentations. There are exciting prizes up for grabs, for learners as well as for their schools. » More

NZG supports community to produce food for its animals

The National Zoo is establishing a groundbreaking community project which will supply it with food for its animals, cultivated with compost supplied by the Zoo. » More

Debunking owl myths

For centuries, owls have been regarded as omens of bad luck, ill health, or death. Even their physical appearance can be frightening to the uninformed. The National Zoo's Owl Week aims to set the facts straight.
» More

South African Air Force knee deep in the mud!

There were cheers all round when members of the South African Air Force rolled up their sleeves to clean the giraffe moat as part of their community service programme.
» More

NZG researchers help solve wildebeest dilemma

The endemic Black wildebeest survived near extinction in the late 1800s and 1930s. Initiatives by private farmers and conservation authorities have led to a dramatic recovery in numbers of this species. Now these very same advances are threatening the species. » More

Solving the mystery of tick-borne diseases

An NZG study will make it possible to identify parasite-specific targets that can be used to develop diagnostics, drugs and vaccines against tick-borne diseases. » More

Onderstepoort visit inspires aspirant vets

In an interactive programme, Zookies learnt new skills such as reading X-rays and drawing blood from an animal. This was followed by a tour of the NZG's veterinary unit where they watched a bird being treated. » More

ZooClub members switch to scientific mode

In preparation for the Science Expo which will be held at the NZG in July, Zookies spent a morning working on science projects to hone their data capturing, analytical and presentation skills. » More

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Holiday courses
Book now to ensure your kids don't miss out on these fun-filled educational courses! »

DIY: Build a bat box
As we say goodbye to The Year of the Bat, here's a nifty bat box to build to keep those pesky mozzies at bay. »

NZG display draws crowds at popular festival
The NZG stand at the annual Windpomp Fees attracted some 16 000 visitors. Animals on display included a Bush pig, Verreaux's eagle owl, African rock python, Brown house snake, Rinkhals and Snouted cobra. »

Science going places
The NZG has already participated in five key science festivals this year, as far afield as Grahamstown and Kuruman. There are three more in the pipeline - in KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and the Free State. »

Animal of the Month:
Talkin' about takins

What do you call an animal that has horns like a wildebeest, a nose like a moose, a tail like a bear and a body like a bison? A takin of course ... a "goat with attitude". »

Conservation Grapevine

Read about the translocation of five African wild dogs to the NZG, a cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex and a rattlesnake slithering closer to the endangered list. »

Interesting links

Watch an abandoned baby elephant being saved from certain death by a bizarre chain of events and the world's rarest gorilla making a camera trap debut.

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Before you leave your home or office, turn off computers and appliances. Even when not in use, electrical appliances draw power so it is best to turn them off at the plug point.

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