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October 2012
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Volunteers at the zoo
Let's stop hawkers
Vital role of our oceans
Holiday fun in the sun!
On the horns of a dilemma
Walkthrough aviary to open
Cape vulture chick born
Getting flamingo nests ready
Innovative magnetic sweeper
Bear necessities
ZooClub updates
Horned baboon spider
Conservation Grapevine

Have you always secretly wished that you could work in a zoo?

Well, you now have an opportunity to do just that ... and to acquire some new career and life skills in a fun and exciting way. » More

Let's stop hawkers illegally selling our reptiles

Anyone who has driven to Sun City has probably noticed hawkers selling tortoises and chameleons. Many of these poached animals die before they are sold. » More

Creating awareness of the vital role of our oceans

This year's National Science Week celebrations at the NZG included a special seal show, as well as footprint paintings created by the African penguins. » More

On the horns of a dilemma

The deliberate mixing of Blesbok with Bontebok on game farms, and the translocation of animals outside their former distribution range, have resulted in a hybrid dilemma.
» More

One of Africa's largest walkthrough aviaries will soon be open

The aviary will gradually be restocked with indigenous plant species, as well as bird species from the African continent. » More

Bird keepers celebrate the arrival of Cape vulture chick

For years the NZG's Cape vulture chicks mysteriously vanished. Now a new approach by the bird keepers has yielded the desired result - a cuddly bundle of fluff. » More

Getting fit while preparing for the flamingo breeding season

Working to get the flamingos' nests ready at precisely the right time is more effective than training at a gym, says bird curator Sarah Chabangu.
» More

Innovative magnetic sweeper safeguards animal health

Engineering student Thashan Govender's innovative sweeper is fitted with a magnet ... to remove hazardous metallic objects from zoo enclosures. » More

Horned baboon spider - "primitive" spider sporting a horn

The movie industry has portrayed baboon spiders as villainous creatures, but these hairy giants are not dangerous, even if they may look a little scary. » More

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Holiday fun in the sun!
With the December 2012 school holidays around the corner, it is time to sign up the kids for some of the exciting holiday courses on offer at the National Zoo. »

Bear necessities
ZooClub members prepared some tasty snacks and a few other surprises for the Kodiak bears, and got to see these enormous animals up close. »

ZooClub updates
ZooClub member Ofentse Litsele wins another medal at the International Science Fair; and the Zookies learn more about the signs of the wild. »

Conservation Grapevine

Read about a giant eyeball from a mysterious sea creature that washed up on a beach, and a pair of magnificent eagles that are breeding in Pretoria. »

Interesting links

Watch a baby otter squeak when introduced to water and discover the rich biodiversity of the Western Indian Ocean.

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