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May 2013
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Disease research in cheetahs
Top awards for NZG research
Ragged-tooth shark released
Holiday fun at the zoo
Knysna seahorse pampering
Emma the lioness
11th ICEE comes to Africa
Exhibit draws large crowds
Scifest Africa 2013
A kiss from a seal
Farm programme fascinates
Rhino poaching update
Conservation Grapevine

A promising new approach to disease research in cheetahs

Modern technology may shed light on the disease profile of cheetahs in ex situ environments to help conserve this enigmatic species. » More

Top awards for NZG research

An NZG researcher and a student co-supervised by the NZG have received awards for their breakthrough scientific contributions - on land and in our oceans. » More

NZG's Ragged-tooth shark released back into the ocean

After spending two years up north as ambassadors for shark conservation in Gauteng, the NZG's Raggies are set free to roam the seas. » More

Pampering our precious Knysna seahorses

A number of enrichment projects have been introduced to help these magnificent - yet delicate and endangered - sea creatures feel at home. » More

The intriguing case of Emma the lioness

NZG zookeepers were baffled when Emma started growing a mane. Now, thanks to special treatment, Emma has regained her normal female good looks. » More

11th ICEE Conference comes to Africa

The NZG is the proud host of an unusual conference for animal behaviourists, the first to be held in a wilderness context. » More

A kiss from a seal

The NZG served as an education platform for learners with autism - in collaboration with some enterprising veterinary students from the University of Pretoria. » More

NZG's farm programme fascinates city learners

Learners participate in various hands-on farmyard activities, which include feeding the rabbits and the pigs. Schools are advised to book in advance. » More

Rhino poaching update

Statistics released by the Department of Environmental Affairs on 23 May, show that the number of rhinos poached in South Africa since the beginning of the year now stands at 350. » More

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Holiday fun at the zoo - enrol the kids now!
The nine youth courses offer fun-filled days of learning and participating in different hands-on activities around the zoo. »

NZG's Budget Vote exhibition draws large crowds
The NZG participated in an exhibition at the Iziko SA Museum as part of the DST's Budget Vote proceedings - to give the public an opportunity to experience "science at work". »

Scifest Africa 2013 - Science on the move
The NZG exhibition focused on biodiversity research, conservation and education. »

Conservation Grapevine

Read about a giant tarantula as big as a human face that was discovered in Sri Lanka, and a new study that suggests that your cuddly kitty may be deadlier than you think! »

Interesting links

Watch as seven baby Komodo dragons hatch in an Indonesian zoo, and learn what happens in a chrysalis when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

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