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March 2014
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Famelab keeps young science minds active
Zombies catch the slow ones first!
Alligator relatives have reason to be proud parents
Decade of biodiversity supported by NZG
Alligators smile broadly at sponsorship
Pachyderm therapy proves to be success
Wildlife –inspired NZG venues showcased
The morning sun shines on the NZG
Conservation Grapevine

Famelab encourages young scientists

The 2nd annual Famelab competition draws South Africa’s top young science minds» More

Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Zombies love the NZG» More

Proud to announce young brown caimans

The NZG’s two caiman are now parents to 14 young reptiles that are in fine health at the zoo’s Reptile Park » More

WAZA support for biodiversity over the next decade

The United Nations has announced the decade of biodiversity running until 2020 that will focus on creating an awareness of human/ nature interaction supported by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums » More

These reptilians have a reason to smile broadly

The Sesotho word for crocodile – Bakwena – embodies the spirit of the adoption of the alligators at the NZG by a local health spa» More

Elephant-assisted therapy shows results

The practice of therapy sessions with two-ton ellies has proved to be an unparalleled success» More

“I do darling!”

Brides-to-be were treated to a glimpse of what the NZG has to offer with their wildlife inspired events and function facilities» More

Awaken to Pretoria as a top tourist destination

Focusing on the Jacaranda City as a premier destination for local and international visitors, a popular hotel group assists the NZG in its marketing endeavours» More

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Conservation Grapevine

how Scientists have found that animals fear pylons because they view them as alarming flashing barriers and thus won’t go near them»

Go green tip of the month

How do you honour the Earth? asks the WWF

Ahead of Earth Hour on 29 March 2014, South Africans will be contemplating their role in the environment. Earth Hour is celebrated by households switching off the lights in their homes for an hour between 20:30 and 21:30. Two South African cities – Durban and Cape Town – have been selected as finalists in the 2014 WWF Earth Hour City Challenge. This is a global competition that recognises the substantial long-term effects of cities to combat climate change.

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